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The myth is that King Sisyphus of Ephyra thought himself smarter than the great Greek god, Zeus. The latter punished Sisyphus by making him spend eternity pushing a boulder uphill, but always failing. Sisyphus had been given a task that he couldn’t complete, even with all his cleverness. Too often our children are like Sisyphus, working hard in school, but  never succeeding. By early elementary school, they already are calling themselves ‘stupid’. By middle school, they hate school and have dropped out, if not in person, certainly in spirit. By high school, their paths forward are often bleak.

At IEP Parenting Virginia, we believe that all children have potential and strengths, and our mission is to partner with parents in helping their child to best develop theirs.

  • Who? We partner with parents of a struggling child.

  • What? We help parents become their child’s advocate/coach

  • Why? We help ensure that children receive their school IEP rights under IDEA, a federal law.

  • Where? We predominantly offer digital/remote  services, although we will attend IEP meetings. 

  • To what end? We seek to improve the lives of children and families by helping parents grow into their child’s advocate and coach.

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