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What We Can Do For You?

How Do We Partner With Parents?

  • We create the essential partnership with parents, offering them a100% commitment.

  • We expect that parents will engage as full partners in becoming their child’s advocate and coach, using our 48 step-by-step process.

  • We honor parents as the experts on their child, and we ensure their voices are heard.

  • We recognize that while a parent knows the child best; teachers understand children.

  • We honor the expertise of teachers and medical professionals and seek to build positive relationships with them.

  • No blaming or shaming of parents for challenges they face with their child

  •  Accessible to all parents- public, private, or home schooling.

  •  Helping parents to navigate the school testing system

  • We seek a child’s strengths, while supporting the challenges.

  • We seek the promise in every child.

  • Flexible hours and virtual appointments available.

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